Review: Is It The Best Place to Find The Best Insurers?

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URL: is an online insurance marketplace and educational resource for insurance consumers that is based in Israel but targets American insurance shoppers. The founder and president of is Ofir Sahar, who came up with the vision to connect companies and consumers in a transparent way while creating a reliable source of education for insurance consumers to become better insurance consumers and make better insurance decisions while saving time, money and headaches and getting maximum benefits. A free, trustworthy platform for insurance information. Something that no other insurance company or website is doing as good.

Insuranks works as an online connecting website between the consumer and leading renowned insurance companies in the US to facilitate the consumer in finding, evaluating, and selecting the perfect and cheapest insurers that fit the specific needs of the consumer. Insuranks reviews both traditional insurers and newcomer innovative technological insurers that are looking to disrupt the industry, such as Lemonade, Next, Hippo and others.

How it works begins the interactions between consumers and the insurance company and at last brings toward the effective, productive, and acceptable economical purchase of the insurance policies on the insurer’s website. Insuranks differentiate and classify insurance companies based on customer analysis and experiences so as the consumers can obtain an inexpensive yet easy and economical insurance policy.

The company itself is not an insurance company or insurance agent, but it works as a mediator and a marketplace for the shoppers of insurance companies. It means although these dealings take place through the Insuranks website, presenting comparisons and contrast of quotes of insurance companies, Insuranks is not selling or advertising the insurance products itself. It only joins two parties together.

What does the website provide?

The website gives all the necessary and important details related to the profiles of the insurance entities and their offered quotes to the consumers to choose the most economical coverages and insurance services from the renowned insurers that fit with the needs and wants of the customers. It operates as a supporting stage between the customer and the insurance agents or the insurance companies.

The website is functional, easy, and friendly enough on both mobile and computer. The classification and positioning of the insurance enterprises is based on customer reviews, their ratings, and experiences such that customers can get better, easier, trusted, clear, and above all inexpensive and cheap economical insurance experiences entirely under one platform of Insuranks website.

All the enterprises listed on the Insuranks website are legitimately licensed. Moreover, the most recognized professionals and experts in the insurance sector create the website content and all the information. The content of the website presented and disclosed after a thorough and careful investigation of consumer needs, comparisons, case studies, consumer reviews, and experiences.

Insuranks provides all the details, information, comparison, and suggestions on its broad range of services and products which include:

  •         Pet Insurance
  •         Travel Insurance
  •         Medicare Insurance
  •         Health Insurance (including Dental Insurance)
  •        Life Insurance (great range of offers and accurate online quotes)
  •         Home Insurance
  •         Cyber Insurance (including Identity Theft Insurance)
  •         Auto Insurance (wide coverage)
  •         Business Insurance (wide coverage)

Ofir Sahar, the creator of explained to us that the reason for the creation of was to help consumers help other fellow consumers create a go to place for all things insurance ahead of buying and therefore making them smarter insurance consumers and decision makers.

Its main goal is to make the consumer’s insurance experience clear, easy, knowledgeable, transparent, and straightforward. The company also facilitates the dealings between the consumers and the insurance companies. Insuranks helps consumers find all relevant information and details related to the insurance companies, compare their offered coverage and quotes, and their offered products before spending their money on them.

InsuranceGuider’s Bottom Line

Score: 10 scores 10 of 10 with us for its dedication to help consumers in a way no other resource is doing. provides everything that customers should be aware of when shopping insurance. In this case, it provides information on a variety of insurance types from several insurance providers, all ranked, reviewed, and recommended by other customers. Indeed, better insurance purchases and decision making are made simple.

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