Why Adult & Continuing Education Works for Me

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Getting a degree was a great accomplishment of mine, but I know plenty of people from my friends groups that were not lucky enough to go to college. For some reason, so many people from my high school jumped directly into getting jobs and joining the work force. I was one of the few people in my family to go to college as well. I decided to go get an education after high school because I didn’t want to join the army. I wanted to stay in my country and work in a specialized field. After working in my chosen field for over a decade, I’ve decided that it’s time to go back and learn about a new field. 

I’ve wanted to change my career for a few years, and I’ve finally decided to take the first step to finding a career in health service or health science. I’m not going to go directly into working in the field yet, and I don’t know if getting another bachelor’s degree makes sense, so I’ve decided to go back to school in a program that is part of adult & continuing education. I’ve been looking at a special program in a medical office administration program cincinnati oh

I like the idea of joining the administrative side of health services. I would consider going further with this career eventually, and at that time I might want to take more classes or get another degree. However, this adult education program I’m looking at could offer me a chance to gain the exposure of working in a new field without the hassle of going through several years of schooling. 

I worked hard to get a chance to work in my specialized field, and I don’t want to give all that up by taking full-time classes in another degree program. Adult & continuing education programs have given me freedom to take classes that explore a new career path or hobby. 

I decided to give these types of classes a try by taking one for fun. I remember when I first started my degree program; I took a few of the elective classes before taking any of the core requirements for my degree. I took those electives because they looked like fun. I had a great time takin the elective classes, and I met some of my best friends in those classes. 

For my first adult & continuing education course I decided to take a class about painting. The teacher taught us about certain painters from different eras. I was able to learn a little about the history behind the technique before getting started in the classroom activities. I was excited to get started, and I worked really hard on my paintings. The painting I made hangs in the kitchen, and I now know with confidence that taking adult & continuing education courses should be taken seriously. I can’t wait to begin the administrative course. I look forward to exploring this new career path in health services.


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