Avoid An Auto Insurance Nightmare By Getting The Right Information For Your Claim

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Usually you would expect once you get in an auto accident that you simply have to file a claim to your insurance agent to handle issues such as damage to your vehicle or the one you hit, or to cover your medical costs. Sometimes it does go smoothly and you’re reimbursed for the damage according to your policy; but there are situations where you may file a claim and be denied. Sometimes this may be an error on your part, and you just need to refile the claim correctly, or possibly consider updating your policy with better coverage. But other times you may need to fight a longer battle to auto insurance leesburg fl claim honored if the insurance company won’t hear your side of the story. 

Understand Why Your Insurance Claim Was Denied 

There are any number of reasons your insurance company may deny your claim, but common ones according to AllLaw include not getting medical treatment right away, having a pre-existing condition, you were driving while intoxicated or are not listed on the car owner’s policy, or medical records aren’t backing your claim up. You should be careful if the other driver is at fault that you don’t accidentally file an uninsured motorist claim if they are insured because in that case their insurance will be responsible for covering you. You also should make sure if your vehicle has damage that your deductible isn’t too high, or that you have the correct collision insurance on it that will cover most of the cost. Also, don’t fall behind or default on your payments because the insurance company has grounds to deny claims for that. 

Getting Your Claim Honored When It’s Legitimate 

While sometimes it is on you for improperly filing a claim, there are times when the insurance company may deny your claim in bad faith when your case warrants honoring it. As Kiplinger points out, you should have the accident documented and have photos and details taken down, and in some cases an insurance app can allow you to upload them onto your claim filing. It’s also worth noting that you should get the police accident report number, and then later meet with the appraiser at the auto body shop to get the right repair estimate, and then make sure the claim you file is within your policy amount. If you and your agent are still being denied any payment even though the insurance company is required to cover only part of the cost, you may need to contact the Florida Insurance Department. If you still believe the insurance company is acting in bad faith for either vehicle repair claims or medical claims, you may need to contact an attorney. 

The best way to avoid running into insurance claim filing problems is to discuss clearly with your agent what you are purchasing in your policy and have all your questions answered as to how you’re being covered. You should also have a reliable emergency contact to come help with your accident situation if you’re injured from a crash and need help documenting the scene. But most importantly, any injuries however minor you think they are should always be checked out at a hospital immediately so that your insurer knows they were the direct result of the accident.


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