Auto Accident Attorney, No Fees Until You Win Your Case

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A personal injury attorney is an attorney that helps people who have been harmed by other people, an organization or a company. They represent their clients who feel they have received injuries or who have been treated badly or exposed to danger. Personal injury attorneys will help those individuals to get compensation for their suffering and injuries that have been caused by others. Injuries do not just mean bodily injuries. The injuries may also be to the person’s mental health, reputation or property. The attorney will have special knowledge that pertains to the laws on health, work and safety issues that may have caused the injuries to the person. 

A dispute between two people, company or organization is a claim of civil legal matter. The attorney will represent the client in the lawsuit that has been filed and will negotiate a compensation settlement for the injuries that are in the claim. To resolve the claim the parties will need to agree on an amount of compensation or the case will go to court. If the parties do not settle on a reasonable amount of compensation, then the claim will go to court and the judge will decide on the compensation for the injured person’s wrongful injury that he or she has suffered.

Attorneys who practice in the area of law involving personal injuries is known as tort law. Personal injuries may occur due to defective products, workplace injuries, auto accidents, slip and fall accidents or professional malpractice. A personal injury attorney has to meet the criteria to practice law in the jurisdiction which the attorney practices. Many states in the United States also require that personal injury attorneys pass a written ethics examination.

An auto accident attorney Merrillville IN understands the trauma and the extent of injuries that clients suffer from. The attorney knows that insurance companies do little to help clients and often try to have clients sign away their rights to fair compensation. After an auto accident, you should seek professional advice from a reliable attorney so your rights are protected. Your attorney will advise you not to sign any papers and not to claim fault for the auto accident. 

Auto accidents may cause severe injuries that are not immediately realized in the first few hours after the accident. It may take days or even weeks for some injuries to be realized how severe they are to a person. Many severe accidents involve the back, neck, and fractures that the person has suffered. Common injuries from auto accidents may include spinal cord injuries, injuries to internal organs, whiplash, broken bones, and even wrongful death. 

Your attorney will represent you by negotiating with the insurance companies and putting together your claim. The attorney will have a full team of professionals working on your claim. Measurements at the scene of the accident will be taken and the attorney’s team will look into weather conditions, road conditions and any missing warning signs that should have been on the roadway. Your rights will be represented in the courts so you get fair compensation for all your lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering.



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